Tips For Revamping Your Old Furniture


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Here are top tips you can do to upgrade your old furniture and beautify your home on a budget.

Revamping your furniture can be quite the ordeal. I mean, there are hundreds of thousands of options for styles to look at, what goes with what, and pricing, pricing, pricing!

People who know me, know I have no qualms spending money if I’m spending it on a great deal. Wasting money on things that won’t last long, or things that are overly priced, are two of my biggest pet peeves and I want to save you from buying a disaster! So here are my tips for revamping your furniture, and how to do it on a budget!

Okay, so first things first, you’re looking at your house (or apartment) and yearning for some new furniture. The first thing to think of is: what rooms are you going to revamp? The living room; the dining room; Or the bedroom maybe? This will help you lay out a budget for purchasing furniture. For example, if you are only doing one room, you can afford to spend a bit more on the furniture for it. But if you are revamping multiple rooms, it will spread your budget and you will have to approach buying more, for less!

So with so many stores, where do we start looking? Well, I usually refer to places such a Pinterest or, to find inspiration for colour schemes and types of furniture. We can’t all be interior decorators, and they come with additional costs as well. So do it yourself! This is the first key to saving money.

There are thousands of articles and ideas online to help you get moving in the right direction. Here is a great article I found that has helped me when I went through my own revamping process:

So when you have the idea and the inspiration of what you want to purchase, where do you start looking? Always, always, ALWAYS look online first! Many big companies provide free shipping from their warehouses and costs less than purchasing in store. This does vary but almost always you are guaranteed to find the cheapest price online! You can always browse around in the store itself, but always revert back to online pricing. Also do your research, find tips, and revert to the experts. A great podcast I listen to when I go for a run, or am on a walk is the “We Buy Houses Radio” by Rick Otton. In fact one of their latest episodes shares refurbishment tips for revamping your home and gave me a lot of ideas for this particular write up!

Other ways to save money while revamping your house is looking at places you wouldn’t think to look at! Thrift stores, second hand stores, Garage/Estate sales, all can feature amazing furniture that fits your home for less than half the original cost! It’s a great way to save money. As they say, another person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Lastly, the greatest way to revamp your furniture is to use your old furniture and make it new yourself! This will save you from buying new material. Buzzfeed has a fantastic outline of creative ways to revamp your old furniture! Check it out here:

The key to begin revamping is to have a plan, lay out a budget, and dive head first keeping your options open! With these three tools in hand, you’ll have no problem revamping your place and feeling more comfortable in your home!

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