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How To Install Better Windows To Conserve Energy And Save Money

Your windows can help save you energy costs. Learn which ones are best to install!

Window maintenance is an essential part of home improvement: replacing old windows with energy efficient windows is a reliable way to conserve energy and save money. Moreover, older windows can be improved in such a way and manner that their energy-efficiency would be greatly improved. The following are ways in which you can install better windows in your home to conserve energy and save money.

1. Installation of storm windows

Storm windows are energy-efficient windows that are available for most type of windows. Storm windows can be installed at the interior or exterior of primary windows. Storm windows supplement the thermal performance of single-pane primary windows. Storm windows creates a dead airspace between the storm and primary windows, this provides more insulation that reduces heat loss in the home. Once heat loss is reduced, energy usage reduces.

2. Installation of energy-efficient windows

Another way to save money on energy use is to install energy-efficient windows. Installation of energy-efficient windows is gradually becoming the most popular home improvement. One of the most popular energy-efficient windows is the Triple Glazed Vinyl window. Triple Glazed Vinyl windows are superior energy-efficient windows. They offer passive solar energy to retain heat in the room during winter and to help the home cool during summer.

Gas-filled windows are another popular type of energy-efficient windows that are used in the home. These windows are filled with either xenon, argon or krypton gas. The gas is pumped in between the panes before sealing. This type of window offers the highest energy-efficiency. Another type of energy-efficient window is the Triple Glazed Wood Framed window. Window installation is done primarily from the inside.

3. Caulking windows

Caulking is another way to improve the energy-efficiency of windows. Applying caulks to window frames can prevent air leakage. Air leaks around windows are substantially responsible for heat loss in a home, which increases energy use. Caulking around windows is a reliable way to make your windows more energy efficient.

4. Weather-stripping windows

Weather-stripping windows is another way to make windows more energy-efficient. Weather-stripping can be used to seal air leaks around movable doors and windows. Weather-stripping enables a window to withstand friction and serves as insulation, which prevents the loss of hot air from the home during winter.

5. Using window treatments

Using window treatments on your windows is another way to make your windows energy-efficient. Carefully selected window treatments are capable of reducing heat loss during winter.

6. Installing window blinds

Window blinds are very efficient in reducing heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. There are two types of window blinds, interior blinds and exterior blinds. Interior window blinds prevent heat gain during summer and exterior window blinds prevents heat loss during winter.

7. Installing window draperies

Installing window draperies is another innovative way to make windows energy-efficient. The extent to which a window drapery can improve the energy-efficiency of your windows depends on several factors among which include fabric type, thickness and size. When used during cold weather most draperies can reduce heat loss in a room by 10%. During summer days, draperies should be used on windows receiving direct sunlight to prevent heat gain.

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