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How To Build A Pantry In A Small Kitchen

Here’s how to build a pantry to get you some extra storage in your kitchen.

Regardless of whether the kitchen is big or small, every cook always yearns for a little more place for storage. In fact, there are many people who convert furniture items like closets and cupboards into storage areas for their kitchen items. No matter how much space you might have in your kitchen, you will always feel the need for a little more if you do not organise your kitchen well.

However, if you are able to organise an efficient pantry system in your kitchen, you will find that there will always be a little extra space no matter how much stuff you push in there. Hence, you should give the idea a thought or two and think about how you can transform your kitchen and give it a redesign so that you can fit in a little pantry for the storage of all your grocery items. There are a number of furniture making companies in the market that can also help you with designs of pantries to suit your needs and kitchen designs.

How should you decide the size of your kitchen pantry?

The size of your kitchen is not the only dependent factor to consider when looking for a kitchen pantry design. If you have a lot of space in your kitchen does not necessarily mean that you fill up the entire space with cabinets to store your grocery items. Similarly, if you have a kitchen of a fairly small size, it does not mean that you opt for a pantry so small that it does not have enough space to hold all of your grocery items. Therefore, it is very important for you to first understand the design of your kitchen, and how you can make the most use of it to establish a pantry that will help you to store all your kitchen items.

How to build the pantry in your kitchen?

Once you have been able to understand the design of your kitchen and made a calculation of the available spaces in it, prepare the kitchen for the installation of the pantry. Assemble a free space for the pantry to fit by moving certain items that you do not use on a regular basis.

You might also have a few areas of your kitchen that are very difficult to access. Use these spaces to store items that you hardly use. This rearrangement of your kitchen will help you to arrange the necessary space for the installation of the pantry. You can then go to the market and look for the ideal pantry designs and size that will fit into the area that you have set aside for the purpose.

It is quite possible that the pantry design that you choose might not be an exact fit. It may need a little extra space or might also leave a little bit of extra space. Well, in such scenarios, you can always make the necessary adjustments to utilise the area efficiently. This will help you to get the best out of your small kitchen pantry and also ensure that you have the right spaces to store your kitchen items and your kitchen does not have a messed up appearance.

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How To Save Money On Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations are great in adding value to your home. Here are tips on how to save money on your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Crashers, Spice Up My Kitchen, Kitchen Cousins…so many shows about kitchen makeovers and you may wonder why so much attention is being placed on improving the kitchen. Simply put, the kitchen affects the overall value of your home, the way the number of bathrooms and bedrooms could. This is evidenced by this fix and flip episode from the We Buy Houses Radio Show with Rick Otton.

However, kitchen remodelling has the potential of going way over budget faster than you can say ‘granite countertop’. This is something almost everyone who has ever undertaken a kitchen remodelling job knows. That is why you need to be extra vigilant when dealing with these sorts of things. You should find ways to get the kitchen of your dreams while staving off the nightmare that would be your bank account should you fail to control the expenditure.

Use open shelves where you can

Fitted cabinets are a necessity in every kitchen. Especially those who have expensive China that could gather dust for lack of use. But what do you do with your day to day utensils that do not sit idle enough to gather dust? One of the best ways to store these is to put them on open shelves. For starters, it gives them an excellent display and easy access. Open shelves are also much cheaper to build when compared to typical cabinets. You can salvage planks and repaint them for this purpose thus saving a pile of money on kitchen cabinets.

Do your countertops have to be granite?

how to save money on a kitchen renovation, kitchen renovation, add value to your home, how to add value to your house, low cost kitchen renovation, kitchen makeover, kitchen remodellingIf they absolutely must be granite countertops, then disregard this point. But for those of us who are open to other options, there are a lot of alternative countertop materials that if installed with excellent workmanship, could look just as beautiful and as classy as granite.

We are talking about tiles, stone, recyclable products and solid surfaces. You can even choose to only use granite on the island and alternative materials on the perimeter thus cutting your cost considerably.

Don’t move the appliances

If the whole idea is to build an entirely new kitchen, then you might have to suffer the cost of moving the appliances with all the electricals and mechanicals involved. However, if the plan is to give your kitchen a facelift, then we suggest you keep the appliances as is instead of moving them. Leaving them where they are means that you will not have to bear the additional costs of hiring an electrician or cutting into the floor/walls to make new room for that stove. These steps can be quite costly.

What do you think about ready-to-assemble cabinets?

One of the biggest expenses when it comes to kitchen remodelling jobs is getting new cabinets. If you are going to go the ‘custom-made kitchen cabinets’ way then you are in for a rough financial ride. But if you are open to other options, you could go with ready-to-assemble cabinets. These often come in standardised measurements and are easy to install if you are a DIY enthusiasts.

You have a ton of options from which to choose your design and colours. You should, however, be aware of the fact that ready-to-assemble cabinets do not come in your specific measurements so there might be a bit of space-wasting. You will have to find different ways to fill this space up.

There are many ways to save money when renovating your kitchen. If you are doing the entire thing on your own then you can save money on contractor fees as well.

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Cheap Tips For DIY Kitchen Renovation

Here are cheap DIY renovation tips to add new life to your kitchen – AND possibly increase your home’s value!

The kitchen is where the cooking and food preparation takes place. In some houses, it can also be a place where people have their meals and quick snacks.

For a homemaker who usually cooks and prepare meals for the family, a nice and well-equipped cooking place will be very ideal. With time, your kitchen facilities gets worn out, hence the need for some remodelling. Aesthetic and functionality features are what people like to have in their kitchen.

Cabinets, drawers, wall and ceiling can be repainted and kitchen door handles can be replaced. With some simple tips, you can remodel your kitchen to give it that aesthetically pleasing look. Here are some cheap tips for DIY kitchen renovation

Current Assessment

The current state of your cooking area must be examined. Determine the problem areas that need the necessary improvements. Note all these things down. You will get a clearer picture of what needs to be done. You can also choose which equipment or tools will stay or be removed and replaced.


A considerable budget is needed for this remodelling project. From the budget, you can tell whether you will be working with a simple or extensive redecoration.

If you have a smaller budget, then you can settle with some simple repainting and replacement of defective or unattractive fixtures like kitchen door handles. If you have a bigger budget then you can even consider getting an interior designer or contractor to do the necessary carpentry, plumbing and painting jobs.

Colour Choices

Warm and welcoming should be your target ambience. To brighten up the place and make it more inviting, warm colours like yellow, red and green can be suitable.
Try not to choose very solid and strong colours that can make the area look too elaborate and distracting. You can check out some sample photos online that you can imitate for your own area for cooking.


There are various stores and suppliers that can provide you with low-cost restoration supplies like kitchen door handles, sinks, taps and tap wares, light switches and power points and other hardware supplies. For a set of supplies that you will need for your remodelling, you can try to get a good deal with a reputable supplier. It helps to list down all the things you need to buy.

Cheap cabinets

For cheap remodelling of your kitchen, stainless kitchen cabinets should be the one for you. They do well in lofts or anything that involves metal and sleek interiors. However, if it annoys you that there would be a tiny sound of the metal cabinet doors whenever you open and close it, then you just have to choose a metallic cabinet with wood lining on each other.

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