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Important Tips for Demolishing Your Bathroom

When looking to remodel your bathroom, there is going to be some demolition involved. Here are some important tips for demolishing your bathroom.

Home renovation projects can be fun, especially when you are dealing with favoured rooms such as the bathroom. But, as interesting as these projects can be, they can also be very expensive.

If you do not approach them in the right manner, you could end up spending more money and time only to find that you liked it better the way it was anyway. So, before you jump in and get started, here are some important tips for demolishing your bathroom.

Be ready and take it as a project of its own right

For many, the demolition part of the project is just a problem they have to get through to get to the real work of remodelling. This attitude can be costly. If the bathroom is not demolished properly, you will end up with a canvas on which you cannot paint your masterpiece – so to speak. Get yourself in the right mindset before getting started. Think of it as a project that must be completed before you start on the remodelling.

Set aside an appropriate amount of time just for demo

You need to set aside enough time for demolition. Do not try to rush through just so you can get to the remodelling bit of things. Set aside an entire weekend just for the demo. This will put you in the right frame of mind and allow you to focus solely on the task at hand.

If you do not do this, you will find yourself quickly trying to move on to the re-building side of things after tearing it all down. Trust me, you will not feel like it at all.

Seal off the area being demolished

Trust when we say that drywall and plaster tend to find cracks to fill wherever they may be in the house. Simply keeping the door closed will not do the trick. You need to seal the entire area off completely. Use sheet plastic and tape just to be sure.

What exactly is behind that wall?

Before you even think of taking that sledgehammer to that wall, you need to know what is behind it. Are you going to swing right into live electrical wires? Are you going to put a dent into your water main or are you going to live a gaping hole in the wall behind the kitchen? These are all structural specifics that you must have at your fingertips before you start demolishing.

Do you have the right tools?

It is about more than just being able to successfully wield a sledgehammer. You need to protect yourself as well as use the right tools for different parts of the demolition process. Things like dust masks are a must if you are to keep yourself from developing respiratory problems. You will also need tools such as:

  • A sledge.
  • A crowbar.
  • A pry bar.
  • A claw hammer.

Make sure you have everything you need before you get started. Once you get going, having to run to the hardware store to get additional tools will just knock the wind off your demo sails.
Be prepared and know that this part of the project is just as important as the final outcome itself.

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