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How To Create A Spectacular Dining Table Out Of Reclaimed Wood

Learning how to create a spectacular dining table out of reclaimed wood is easier than you may think – and more affordable than buying a new table!

Gathering Your Wood

Creating a dining table from reclaimed wood can not only save you money but it can also give your dining area a new look. You will want to first find the reclaimed wood that meets your style. Perhaps you already have your wood for your table. Clean the wood prior to cutting. Consider using a whisk broom to first sweep the wood and wipe it with a damp rag. Allow the wood to dry as well before cutting. It won’t take long to dry when you use a lightly dampened rag.

Choosing The Table Size

In order to determine the size of the table you are going to make measure your dining area. You will want to leave room for chairs and for family or guests to walk comfortably around the table to take their seats. If you have other furnishings in the dining area you will want to take that into consideration as well.

The number of chairs that you choose will depend on the size of the table that you are creating. A table too large will make your dining area seem crowded and make it hard to get around in. An over-sized dining table is not going to make for happy gatherings.

Cutting and Joining

Once you’ve determined the size you can begin cutting your reclaimed wood. Keep in mind that you will need to cut the boards for the table top, legs, and braces. You can position your braces in an “X” form between the legs to provide stability or even a “Z” depending on what fits your style. Make sure that you place the legs inward on the table instead of at the outer edges of the table so that people are banging their knees. Use 3 pieces of cut reclaimed wood to join the planks together to form the table top first. and then attach the legs and the braces. That should do it for your table.

Prepare to Dine

Move your new table into your dining area. You may want to wipe it with wood oil in order to give it a glossier look or you may prefer it just as it is. Whatever makes you happy is perfect. If you found the dining table an easy project consider making benches from reclaimed wood that will go with it. You may prefer reclaimed chairs that will fit your style as well. You might choose them to all be the same or mix and match them. Chairs can be painted or stained and you can even upholster them to your taste.

Reclaimed Treasures

There are a ton of projects that you can create using reclaimed wood. There are also a lot of projects that you can create using other reclaimed items for you home or to sale. Reclaimed wood projects are very popular for the farmhouse look and vintage decor. Many people will pay good money for items created from reclaimed wood.

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