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Best Renovation Projects To Do To Add Value To Your Home

Here are the best renovation projects to do to add value to your home.

Have you ever thought of putting your ‘Ninja DIY skills’ to good use? There is a good chance that many homeowners have looked at their front porch and thought, ‘I can do better than that’! The truth of the matter is that there are many different sections of your home that could use an upgrade.

But just because you can clean out the attic and repaint the front door doesn’t mean that you should take on every single one of those tasks. Home renovations can be expensive. Why not make the most out of it by only taking on renovation projects that add the most value to your home as well?

Valuable home renovation projects

The roof and siding replacements:

People want to know that they are moving into a home that is not leaking and is well protected as far as the roof is concerned. These happen to be the most expensive repairs that new homeowners dread. So taking care of this will drive your home’s value up.

Kitchens and baths:

You can never go wrong with upgrading the kitchen and baths. People like that the kitchen has nice granite countertops and state-of-the-art appliances. It is a hallmark of luxury.

Curb appeal:

It doesn’t matter how well painted the house is if the rest of the front yard is in shambles. It will always take something away from that shine. Be sure to do some landscaping, some painting, maybe new windows and even some flowers coupled with nice outdoor lighting. Aesthetics matter.

Add extra space:

Transform the attic into an extra bedroom or make you garage a study room as well. As long as you do something to add extra space to the home, you can always include that in the house description as an added advantage over the neighbouring houses.

Why don’t you install a home theatre?

It is all about the little bells and whistle that make your home distinguishable from the rest of the lot. Very few homeowners would mind having a state-of-the-art home theatre room fully equipped with 12-foot wide screens and a top-of-the-range sound system.

These things tend to be expensive to buy and even more so to install. Having one already installed will give you the leeway you need to ask for more as far as the house price is concerned.

As wonderful as all this is, you need to bear a few things in mind. If you are making these renovations for the sole purpose of increasing your house value for sale, then you need to consider these factors before jumping in:

  • The actual value of the house itself.
  • The value of the houses in the neighbourhood.
  • The current state of the housing market.
  • How soon after the renovations you intend to sell.
  • The quality of the renovation project.

It is ill advised to install a £10,000 outdoor stove on a £250,000 house while it is the only one with a single bathroom in the entire neighbourhood. As awesome as the outdoor stove might be, these other factors might overshadow it when it is time to sell. Only take on these renovation projects if they make financial sense.

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