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How To Save Money On Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations are great in adding value to your home. Here are tips on how to save money on your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Crashers, Spice Up My Kitchen, Kitchen Cousins…so many shows about kitchen makeovers and you may wonder why so much attention is being placed on improving the kitchen. Simply put, the kitchen affects the overall value of your home, the way the number of bathrooms and bedrooms could. This is evidenced by this fix and flip episode from the We Buy Houses Radio Show with Rick Otton.

However, kitchen remodelling has the potential of going way over budget faster than you can say ‘granite countertop’. This is something almost everyone who has ever undertaken a kitchen remodelling job knows. That is why you need to be extra vigilant when dealing with these sorts of things. You should find ways to get the kitchen of your dreams while staving off the nightmare that would be your bank account should you fail to control the expenditure.

Use open shelves where you can

Fitted cabinets are a necessity in every kitchen. Especially those who have expensive China that could gather dust for lack of use. But what do you do with your day to day utensils that do not sit idle enough to gather dust? One of the best ways to store these is to put them on open shelves. For starters, it gives them an excellent display and easy access. Open shelves are also much cheaper to build when compared to typical cabinets. You can salvage planks and repaint them for this purpose thus saving a pile of money on kitchen cabinets.

Do your countertops have to be granite?

how to save money on a kitchen renovation, kitchen renovation, add value to your home, how to add value to your house, low cost kitchen renovation, kitchen makeover, kitchen remodellingIf they absolutely must be granite countertops, then disregard this point. But for those of us who are open to other options, there are a lot of alternative countertop materials that if installed with excellent workmanship, could look just as beautiful and as classy as granite.

We are talking about tiles, stone, recyclable products and solid surfaces. You can even choose to only use granite on the island and alternative materials on the perimeter thus cutting your cost considerably.

Don’t move the appliances

If the whole idea is to build an entirely new kitchen, then you might have to suffer the cost of moving the appliances with all the electricals and mechanicals involved. However, if the plan is to give your kitchen a facelift, then we suggest you keep the appliances as is instead of moving them. Leaving them where they are means that you will not have to bear the additional costs of hiring an electrician or cutting into the floor/walls to make new room for that stove. These steps can be quite costly.

What do you think about ready-to-assemble cabinets?

One of the biggest expenses when it comes to kitchen remodelling jobs is getting new cabinets. If you are going to go the ‘custom-made kitchen cabinets’ way then you are in for a rough financial ride. But if you are open to other options, you could go with ready-to-assemble cabinets. These often come in standardised measurements and are easy to install if you are a DIY enthusiasts.

You have a ton of options from which to choose your design and colours. You should, however, be aware of the fact that ready-to-assemble cabinets do not come in your specific measurements so there might be a bit of space-wasting. You will have to find different ways to fill this space up.

There are many ways to save money when renovating your kitchen. If you are doing the entire thing on your own then you can save money on contractor fees as well.

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How To Add Crown Moulding To Add Value To Your Home

There are a few things that add value to your home. Crown moulding is one of those things. Here is how to add crown moulding to add value to your home.

If you’re like me who loves the HGTV channel, then you may have come across crown moulding ideas for renovation projects.

The first thing you need to understand about crown moulding is that, unlike bathroom or kitchen upgrades, crown mouldings will not instantaneously add value to your home. Don’t get it wrong, it will add value to your home, just not as drastically as you may expect. These beautiful architectural features are excellent when it comes to:

  • Making your ceiling seem higher
  • Making the room seem finished in a better way
  • Adding an air of intrigue to the room

These are the three main reasons why most homeowners prefer crown mouldings. That and the fact that these aesthetic additions will increase the value of your home, at least to those who find this sort of thing essential.

But before go wild and decide to add crown mouldings, you should know what you need to do so as to ensure that they add value to your home. Here is how to add crown moulding to add value to your home.

Do not overdo it

This is a common mistake with most homeowners. They assume that aesthetic additions to their homes will drastically increase the value of the house. You need to realise that high-end finishes in a neighbourhood that fall within the mid-ranges will not increase the value enough for you to actually recoup what you have spent on the upgrades. Take a walk around the area, look at the houses listed for sale and see what type of crown mouldings is common here. That way, you can simply upgrade to the desired regional standards and avoid digging yourself into a financial hole the likes of which you may never get out.

Make sure the rest of the house matches the upgrade

If you go all out and have crown mouldings installed in a house that is otherwise run down, you will have essentially thrown good money after bad. For these installations to have the desired effect, the rest of the house has to be in-keeping with the style.

Make sure that the walls are freshly painted and well maintained, the flooring is not worn out, the wallpaper isn’t peeling and the light fixtures are not outdated. In short, make sure that everything else compliments the crown moulds.

Use a professional

how to use crown moulding, property renovation with crown moulding, add value to your home, add property valueAs challenging and interesting as DIY projects tend to be, installing crown moulds is one of those things that you should really consider involving a professional. For starters, they are not as expensive as most people assume and these professionals know the right kind of materials to use. Crown moulds, when installed incorrectly, will actually have the exact opposite effect and make your house look tacky as opposed to upgraded. Always use a professional who has a good grasp of geometry and woodwork.

Crown mouldings are definitely an aesthetic feature to consider when it comes to building and renovating a house for better returns on investment. Just remember to use a professional and not to overdo it.

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DIY Door Replacement to Spruce Up Your House

DIY entryway project, diy kerb appeal projects, door replacement, add value to your home

Your entryway is one of the most essential things that any potential buyer looks at when they come to view your house. But it is not just all about selling the home, it is also about creating a beautiful space for you and the family to live in while you still own your house.

Most kerb appeal projects are simple DIY ideas that, if done properly can make the home look even more expensive. With that in mind, here are some DIY door replacements to spruce up your house ideas that you might like to try out.

Replace the old door with a new one

If you have decided to go all in, one of the best things you can do is to simply replace the old door with a newer and better one. Frankly, though, this is the more expensive option. But if you are up for it, you could buy a new door that will inject a fresh lease of life to your entry way. Because most doors are quite mundane, it would be advisable to go for something majestic and a little out of the ordinary. This way, your entryway will be a major talking point for anyone who sees it. You could also go the ‘steel entry door’ way and improve your home’s security while you are at it.

Change the locks to fancier ones

If you don’t feel like shelling out all that money for a new door, you can simply make some modest changes to the one you already have and make it seem livelier. One of the easiest ways to do this is to invest in some fancy locks. You can buy an old-fashioned mail slot as well, plus some flashy kick plates. These are things that will make your otherwise old and dreary doorway look brilliant and ‘happening’.

Paint the old door with bright, welcoming colours

DIY entryway project, diy kerb appeal projects, door replacement, add value to your home

Bright colours don’t have to be the outrageous tones of yellow or orange. Lighter tones can also work well in making your home look more welcoming.

Instead of doing all that we have mentioned here, you can simply choose the easiest way out and repaint the door. Be sure to use bright and welcoming colour. It would be better if the colour of the door could be in sharp contrast with the rest of the entryway. It makes it stand out and breathes some life into the whole presentation.

Other wonderful options include making small additions to the entryway such as building a beautiful arch over the door and adding a few eye-catching and evergreen plants. You can make them potted plants or you could use some of those beautiful, Greek-like garden stands. This will make your entryway seem like that of a palace, even if your house does not compare to one.

Always keep the entryway clean. Replace or repair any broken or chipped bits of the door and make sure that it is as secure as it can be. This is the very first impression people get of your home. Make it count.

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3 Cheap DIY Tricks To Improve Your Living Room

With just a few fixes, you can make your living room look more expensive. Here are cheap DIY tricks to fix up your living room and add value to your home.

I am a strong believer in the art of adding value. There is a common fallacy in the world that you must buy the best products or hire the most expensive decorators if you want to make your living room look good.

The truth is, you don’t have to spend the phenomenal prices importing antique furniture from Italy would cost you. We are talking about simple DIY projects that are easy to do, but still help in appreciating the Value of your home.

Add dry plank to your wall

We have all heard about how much people value the look of exposed brick. Slowly, over the years, this has become a symbol of luxury and style. Well, if you are not exactly into exposed brick but would still want to achieve the kind of look and luxury that it brings, then the next best thing is to use dry plank. All you have to do here is choose a small section of your wall and superimpose dry plank wood onto it. It doesn’t have to be the whole living room, just a section (maybe one wall). Dry plank, depending on the type of wood, is highly affordable, easy to nail to the wall and the finished look will not only be exotic but also bring out the ‘exposed brick effect’.

Create a gallery wall

A little-known secret in this world is that some of the most luxurious things are perceived. Of course, some things you simply must buy at great value but that does not mean that you cannot create value from the simplest of things. For example, one of the best ways to create the perception of luxury in your living room is to create a gallery wall. Now, you do not have to hand million dollar Picasso paintings on this wall. In fact, you can just hang a few of your well-taken family portraits and so on. This section of the wall will act as your own personal gallery. This is extremely cheap to do but the kind of effect it will have on all those who lay eyes on it will be unbelievably luxurious. It shows them that you are progressive and a lover of the arts.

Build your own wine holder

This is yet another illusion of luxury. Instead of going through all the trouble of transforming your basement into a wine cellar (which you can do by the way; it is a wonderful way to greatly increase the value of your home) you can just simply fashion a simple wine holder for your living room. This has to be nothing fancy, just a simple, yet well-designed structure. Just the fact that you have a wine holder in sight makes the whole place look expensive.

You do not have to spend a million dollars to achieve luxury. Sometimes it is all about the little things you do. With these creative DIY ideas, you can instantly make your living room look expensive, well thought out and increase the value of your entire home.

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