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See how my love for movies and property can give you tips on how to rent out your house as a filming location.

While I was browsing through the newspaper this weekend, I noticed that nominations for major movie awards have just been released. As a movie fan, this got me excited, so I thought of ways on how I can combine my love for making money through property and movies in one activity. Luckily, I came up with the perfect idea and that is to offer your house as a filming location!

Get the word out

Most movie and television production companies find filming locations through a location agent. Hence, the first step to get your house noticed is to register it with a reputable agency., and are some of the trusted locations agencies in the UK.

Once in a while, producers from production companies personally scout for potential filming locations. If a producer sees your house and thinks that it’s the perfect fit for their project, they’ll personally negotiate the details of the shoot and terms of the contract to you directly.

What does it take for your property to be cast?

Production crews in the UK are always on the lookout for properties which have large rooms that have plenty of natural light streaming inside. Having ample street parking is also a big signing bonus for location scouts.

This doesn’t mean that your house should be tidy and perfect to catch the eyes of a producer. There are a thousand different plots used in TV dramas and movies, thus both high end and low end locations have an even chance of being used for a shoot.

Prepare your house

If your house is selected as a filming location, be prepared to accommodate a filming crew of around forty people. Preparations include providing rest areas for the cast and crew as well as notifying your neighbours about the activity before the date.

Sometimes a team of production designers will also make a few changes to your house, so be ready to give them complete control of your home while filming is underway.

Julian Fellowes, the director of Downton Abbey, once said that some location owners sometimes don’t understand the burden of accommodating an entire production crew into their properties, but despite the slight disturbance, it is quite a treat to see your house on screen for the first time.


Leasing rates for filming locations range from £500 for photo and music video shoot; this may drastically shoot up to £2,500 per day of filming for TV dramas and £4,000 for big budget films.
Jonathan King of Shootfactory says that a few of their clients didn’t just earn extra money, but they’ve already made a living out of leasing their houses to production companies, since some shoots lasts from a few days to a few weeks.

Don’t forget to give me a shout out when your house gets scouted for a location shoot! Just check my archives for more articles on how to build wealth through property!

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