How To Use Recycled Wood Throughout Your Home


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Re-using wood is a wonderful way to save money, add character to your decorative projects and preserve trees. Here are tips on how to use recycled wood.

Whether it be HGTV refurb shows or podcast shows detailing DIY projects like Fix It Home Improvement or We Buy Houses Radio with Rick Otton, improving home value through renovation is something more homeowners are becoming interested in. And a nice idea for DIY projects is reusing wood in your home.

There is a lot of re-usable wood that can be found in old buildings, old shipping crates and demolished barns or even old hardwood flooring. You can even find excellent wood when you sift through leftover construction lumber. Pieces from old barn boards can make for some interesting wooden floors, you just need to know how to re-use them around your house for maximum effect. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to use recycled wood throughout your home.

Preparing the recycled wood

Before you jump into those exciting DIY projects, you will need to make sure that the recycled wood is prepared. Here is what you need to do:

  • Inspect the wood and make sure that there isn’t too much warping, insect infestations, rotting or water damage. Rotten wood is just no good. Poke discoloured areas of the piece of wood to see if it is solid enough and look down the length at eye level to ensure that there is no twisting or warping. Do not use any wood that has black mould or is too warped for your particular DIY project.
  • Remove all the nails in the wood.
  • Sort the wood out into equal lengths for easy categorisation.
  • Sand any part of the wood that will be visible to give it an aesthetic look.

How to use recycled wood around the house

There are very many DIY projects on which you can use recycled wood. Just think about it for a second, do you want a bookshelf, a coffee table, a new porch or maybe just more ledge on your windows for those flower pots? All of these projects can be perfect for recycled wood. Specific projects would include:

Cabinet re-facing

Take a long hard look at your cabinets. Do they need a new lease of life or could they use a different look? Using the same kind of recycled wood to reface your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is a great way to give them a rustic look that is not only unique but also quite aesthetically appealing.

Make new recycled wood furniture

how to use recycled wood on your home, diy property renovation, improve home value, property renovation using recycled woodFrom coffee tables to chairs and even tables, recycled wood can be wonderful for creating new furniture. You wouldn’t even have to spend so much money on the project. You probably already have all the tools you need. Plus the recycled wood, you are good to go and get started on that unique coffee table.

Create unique recycled wood decor

This is where your creativity really shines. There is virtually no limit to the different types of recycled wood decor you can build. From bookshelves to wooden box shelves for your decorative flower vases or maybe even stripped-wood lampshades. Go wild and release your inner artist.

All you would need is the right kind of recycled wood, some creativity and a little time for you to undertake the perfect recycled wood DIY project for your home.

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