How To Upcycle Furniture In Your Home


how to upcycle furniture, upcycle old furniture, repurpose old furniture

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With just a little imagination, you can turn any old furniture into a masterpiece to be adored by many. Here is how to upcycle furniture in your home in a simple yet affordable manner.

There is an excellent chance that you have some pieces of furniture in your home you just aren’t ready or willing to let go of yet. No matter how far past the due date they are, some wardrobes, chairs or dining tables just make up part of who we are and putting them out to pasture, as it were, is both painful and unacceptable.

With these kinds of furniture pieces, there are several options when it comes to dealing with them. You could either turn a blind eye and pretend that they are still as new as the day they were manufactured, or you could get creative and decide to do something about improving their current state. If you have decided to go with the latter option, as many of us would, then here are some excellent ideas how to upcycle furniture in your home.

Repurpose what you can

If you have an old wardrobe that simply cannot serve its original purpose anymore, how about repurposing it for something else? You could remove its doors, slap on a few shelves and turn it into an ‘antique’ bookshelf. This, of course, will call for a little makeover. Maybe a touch of paint and making sure that it holds choice items such as precious first edition hardcovers or maybe even your fine China?

Turn your old teacups into candles

Maybe more than an acceptable number of the pieces that make up a set have been broken or lost. That, however, is not enough to convince you to let go of those cute little tea cups you inherited from your Grandma. In this case, instead of serving tea in badly broken sets, why not transform the remaining cups into candles? All you have to do is melt several candles into each tea cup, stick a wick in there and you have a unique candle that will still remind you of Granny.

Turn that old door into an exotic coffee table

how to upcycle furniture, upcycle old furniture, repurpose old furniture

Even an old, unused door can be of use…such as a converted coffee table!

Maybe you have knocked down a wall and turned two rooms into one. Boarding up one of the entrances just won’t do and neither will letting both doors stand. The next best thing is to unhinge the extra door and turn it into a coffee table. Done right, with the right kind of wood workmanship and paint, you could have an excellent coffee table that will always be a conversation starter in your living room.

The trick with upcycling is to go wild and crazy with your creativity. Think about it this way, you were going to throw that piece of furniture out anyway, why not make it into something beautiful that you can appreciate. Yes, granted, some ideas will only be appreciated by you since you know what you were going for, but who is to say that you may not find your calling in repurposing old and worn out furniture?

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