How To Make Money From Landscaping


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In the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing ideas on how to make extra from your hobby and property. We’ve tackled gardening, classic furniture and buying and selling old items in your home. This week, we’ll look at landscaping.

Many might not realise the potential income stream you can create by landscaping other people’s lawns. Providing landscaping services has become very lucrative due to the growing number of retiring baby boomers. Most of them own have nice homes, but they no longer have the energy and stamina to do the physical work necessary to keep their lawns in tip top shape. So to keep their properties pretty, they hire lawn service providers to do the work for them.

If you have a knack for making your garden look pretty, you may be able to use that very skill to create an additional income stream if you are looking for something else to do! Hopefully, these tips will help you get a leg up in the competitive business of landscaping.

Services And Pricing

There are 6 basic services that every lawn and landscaping company offer: lawn mowing and maintenance; sod installation or hydroseeding; weeding or pest control application; landscape care or maintenance; landscape design; and landscape architecture.

If you’re in it to win it, here’s one tip – don’t overprice your services. Usually, landscaping services are charged per square foot of land and if you charge too high from the standard you’re going to lose out from your competitors. However, you don’t want to charge too low from your competitor’s rates and undercut everybody else. Find a good middle ground for the price of your services, and you’ll attract more customers.

Safety First

Implementing safety standards is a big essential for landscaping startups. Remember that you are working with high power tools with motorised blades all the time, so one wrong move can lead you to the emergency room in an instant.

To prevent accidents, always wear safety goggles and ear protection before you start a job. Cool down your mower before you fill up the tank again. Never put your hands into the discharge chute or turn the mower while the blade is still spinning. These are very dangerous, since the cutting blade rotates at the 200 miles per hour. Do these acts and you might say bye, bye to your hands or face an onslaught of flying rocks, metals, and grass flying towards you. I once made the mistake of staying too close to a moving grass cutter and the rocks that hit me caused bruises which lasted for weeks!

Keep Equipment In Tip Top Shape

earn money from mowing other people’s lawn, landscaping services, landscaping business, hire lawn service providers, lawn mowing

Be sure to keep your equipment in good working condition

Make sure that your equipment is always in good, working condition, since they are the tools you use for your services. Without these items, you won’t have any cash in the bank.

Regular maintenance for your tools includes: cleaning the mower blades every day and using a grinding wheel to keep them sharp; cleaning the oil and air filters regularly to minimise engine wear and tear; and changing oil as often as once a week.

Dealing With Outside Conditions

Snow, strong winds, and rain aren’t the only outside forces that lawn companies have to deal with when completing a project. Sometimes you can’t tend to the lawn when there’s construction going on in your neighbour’s backyard. In times like these, all you can do is wait until conditions improve. To catch up on lost time of work for your clients, you may decide to work for longer in the next working day possible.

I hope these tips could help you start out in your very own landscaping business. Don’t forget to return next week for more ways on how you can profit from property!

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