How To Make Home Lighting Look And Feel Expensive On A Budget


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If you’ve ever wanted to have fancy lighting in your home without breaking your budget, here are low-cost DIY tips to get the job done.

When you add the term “expensive” onto anything you immediately get visions of grandeur, reserved for those living the good life. When it comes to home lighting, this rule is extra applicable: “expensive” lighting evokes images of crystal chandeliers, and custom wall sconces. However, if you’re on a budget like the best of us are, you don’t necessarily have to forsake the quality lighting you have in mind strictly for candles and low-sitting lamps. Making sure that your living space glows as luxuriously as you’ve imagined is simply a matter of learning a few tricks.

When it comes to expensive looking lighting, there’s not one cure all trick to transforming a room. Think about things like design, certain finishes, the scale, and how you want to express your unique, personal style. Lighting is like the room’s jewellery, and works the way accessories dress up an outfit. For this reason, focus on finding pieces with a daring shape or interesting design detail. These make the lighting look original and not mass-produced. While you undoubtedly find a multitude of cheapies that have the telltale signs of a low-cost item- (like a finish that is meant to look antique but is clearly a quick spray paint job), take the time to hunt down fixtures that are low priced and quality, and the compliments will come flooding in.

You might not have a budget for lighting or want to slowly build up your pieces. If this is the case, your first purchase should be an attention-grabber. You’ll get the most out of a dramatic piece. This can be a chandelier, a grouping of pendants, or an interesting floor lamp. Most people want to put a small fixture in a small room, but you will find the opposite actually makes the room much more dynamic. Installing an oversize chandelier or pendant much lower than expected might seem risky at first, top designers push that this is the way to go. Doing so creates an entirely impactful look that in turn, makes the room feel rich.

DIY light fixture installation

diy light installation, improve home lighting, cheap light fixturesFor safety purposes, hire a professional when dealing with the wiring – that is , if you are not a qualified electrician yourself. But if you are hiring the services of a professional, keep these tools handy just in case you’ll need them during the installation process:

  1. A voltage detector
  2. Wire strippers
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Light fixture
  5. Work light/ medium sized flashlight
  6. Wire nuts

Steps for installation

Step 1, shut off the power. Most professionals recommend shutting the power off at the breaker. Usually the breakers on the electrical panel are labeled. It can be a bit of a guessing game if they’re not.

Step 2, connect the wires. A typical box for a light fixture will have white (neutral), copper (ground), and black (current) wires. From here, there are a few more steps but every fixture is different and will have to be treated accordingly.

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