How To Install Wallpaper To Save On Renovation Costs


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When it comes to cutting down on renovation costs, using wallpaper instead of paint is one of the best routes to take. Here is how to install wallpaper to save on renovation costs.

Property renovations are the in thing these days as a lot of experts are focusing on refurbs, whether you like watching the Property Brothers or select Fix-And-Flip episodes of Rick Otton’s We Buy Houses Radio. So going with the trend, we’ll tackle a common subject of DIY refurbs: wallpaper installation.

One of the best things about using wallpaper is that you are spoilt for choice. From the different type of designs and colours to the fabrics and materials available, when using wallpaper, your imagination is the limit. Another huge advantage is that this is a rather cost effective option, compared to painting.

But before you go around celebrating and buying your boys beers with all the money you will save, it is prudent to get a good grasp on what installing wallpaper entails. As inexpensive and effective as it is, it is not for everybody. Some of us prefer things the old-fashioned way – paint. But if you are open-minded and willing to learn new things, then here are good tips on how to install wallpaper to save on renovation costs.

Choosing the right wall paper

You should know that there are different types of wallpapers available. If you are looking to cover places that see a lot of moisture like your bathroom or kitchen, then the best type to use would vinyl. On the other hand, if you are looking to cover drier places such as your hallways or bedrooms, then maybe you want to go for fabrics or non-woven wallpaper. Do you see how quickly this can get complicated?

The best thing is that your local building materials shop owner will know exactly what type of wall paper to use where. All you will have to do will be to tell them which walls you are looking to cover and they will point you in the right direction. From there on, the designs and colours will all depend on your taste and style.

Use the right kind of adhesive

Using the right kind of adhesive means that you do not have to do this all over again in three days. One mistake that most people make is to combine the wrong adhesive with the wrong type of wallpaper. This mistake should be easy enough to avoid as most wallpaper labels have directions indicating which kind of adhesive is best suited for them.

Be sure to round up the measurements

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Always measure carefully, to make sure your wallpaper segments fit nicely when applying them.

The rule of thumb when using wallpaper is to round up the measurements. In fact, professionals advice that you should always buy two or three extra rolls of the same wall paper just in case. Things happen and you are going to make mistakes when installing the wallpaper. This happens to everyone, even professionals.

It is prudent to have extra paper to deal with when the inevitable mistakes occur. Besides, local stores have a habit of discontinuing certain styles randomly. You do not want to have to start over just because you did not buy enough of your chosen style while it was still in stock.

Installing your wallpaper will need a considerable amount of skill. Things have to be completely level otherwise, you will have a bloated looking wall. Take the time to learn how to install wall paper and study all the ‘good wall paper installation practices’ to avoid unnecessary mistakes and save money.

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