How To Install A Chandelier And Make A Room Pop!


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Because of tricky electrical DIY, installing a chandelier can either be good or bad. Here are practical tips on how to install a chandelier and make a room pop!

Listen, unless you are qualified as an electrical engineer, it might be a wise decision to leave the wiring to the professionals. Electricity is no joke. That being said, installing a chandelier in your living room or even man cave is a wonderful way to infuse some life into that room (Okay, maybe not your man cave, we need that to be ‘Manly’).

Yes, you can install a chandelier by yourself. But you would have to follow some strict guidelines and maybe have an electrical engineer on standby just to double check the wiring. Other than that, here is what you need to know about the process of installing a chandelier in your home.

Provide the necessary support

Generally speaking, most ceiling electrical boxes are not built to support electrical fixtures that weigh more than 50 pounds or 22KG. If by any chance your new chandelier weighs more than 22KG then you need to replace that electrical box with one that is designed for heavy-duty work.

Or, you could install a fan brace first. These braces are designed to hold heavy ceiling fans, but they can also hold a chandelier weighing up to 66KG. The best thing about installing a fan brace first is that you do not have to cut into the ceiling because it can simply be slipped into the ceiling hole.

Installation process

how to install a chandelier, why install a chandelier, how to make your room, electrical diyMost chandeliers come with an instructions manual highlighting how to install them and where they would do the most good. Once you have ENSURED that the power is off, go to work connecting the chandelier to the home’s electrical system through the new electrical box and/or the fan base.

This is where you need an electrician around. But if you are fully intent on doing this on your own, here is a diagram that gives you an idea about all the parts that have to go into each other before everything is set to go:

Why install a chandelier at all

Let’s assume that we are not thinking about the obvious beauty and glamour this entire process brings to the room. There are several other reasons why you should strongly consider installing a chandelier in any one of the rooms within your home:

  • It can help layer your lighting and make everything else shine brightly.
  • You can use it to complement your existing fixtures.
  • You can use it to bring a historical look to a room.
  • Use it to drive Mrs Dobson down the road mad with envy.

Whether you want it installed in your bedroom, your living room or in your dining room (we would go for the dining room chandelier), installing a chandelier is an excellent idea to get things bright and shiny in any room. It is a wonderful icebreaker with your visitors and it is an absolutely gorgeous way to make a room pop.

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