How To Create A Nursery In Your Home


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If you listen to home improvement channels like HGTV, Homebuilding and Renovating Podcast, and even We Buy Houses Radio Show with Rick Otton, you may have come across renovation projects that improve home value. Having a nursery in the house (which can be converted into a children’s bedroom) improves the value of your home because many homebuyers are couples with children who need that extra space.

Creating the perfect nursery is a matter of combining space, safety and a little bit of fun. Depending on the sex of your newest family member, there are several colour themes you can infuse as well, you know, just to add a little sparkle to the entire affair. If you are busy looking for ideas on how to create a nursery in your home, here are some simple tips that will get you started in the right direction.

Find some space

The good thing about these new-born family members is that they do not take up too much space. They are not like your teenage daughter who will want the entire top floor to herself. When trying to find the right kind of space for your baby nursery, look at rooms that can easily accommodate a baby cot and a bit a few storage units for the baby’s things. You also need to find a room that can easily be converted into a safe-zone. This space can be a corner of your master bedroom or even the laundry room. If it is the laundry room, it will need to be slightly adapted for safety features.


Baby experts say that your baby really doesn’t need that much light in their face. The darkness kind of helps them sleep better and remain calm. So, try not to create your nursery next to huge windows or anywhere that is directly under the glare of street lights at night. You can even add dimmer switches to the chosen room so as you can reduce the overhead glare at will. Additionally, blue light only goes towards keeping your little one awake. So avoid those types of bulbs too.

What about safety?

This is by far the most important aspect of this entire process. You need to child-proof your home long before the little one even arrives. Some things to check off the list include:

  • Covering plug sockets.
  • Using baby gates to keep them contained.
  • Keeping any sharp or heavy objects either stowed away or tightly secured.
  • Ensure that all ingestible chemicals are kept safely away from reach.
  • Absolutely no open flames or hot surfaces near the baby.
  • Secure furniture with brackets.

Just because they are little now does not mean that they will not get bigger and stronger. This happens very fast. You need to be prepared.

When it comes to the design of the nursery, feel free to go crazy with creativity. As long as it is child-friendly content, you reign here should be absolute.

Remember, your baby will quickly pick up on everything that is around them. So you might want to make the first images they come in contact with educational. When it comes to the colour, you need to make the nursery fun and festive. Include brilliantly exciting colours in your design but also bear in mind that bright colours such as yellow tend to keep your baby awake. So look at colours like green and blue. These tend to be soothing. Remember to use low-odour colours that are also non-toxic and easy to wipe clean.

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