How To Build A Media Room On A Budget


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With everything becoming more and more expensive, including movie tickets, it goes to reason that you should try to find cheaper ways to enjoy what you like. Here are tips on how to build a media room on a budget.

Did you know that you do not have to go to the movies every time a new Star Wars movie premiers? Yes, we agree, the experience is amazing, but what if we told you that there is a way through which you can recreate the same experience in your own home and on the cheap? Now you can have as many movie nights and even your own private premier parties right in your media room without having to rob a bank. Here is what you need to do:

Find the room

You have to choose the room that will be transformed into a media room. You can make it the basement, the attic or even just one of the many bedrooms you have lying around gathering dust and pushing up your cleaning lady bills.

Choose the equipment

This is going to be the backbone of your media room. You need to find the right equipment. We are talking projector, home theatre, maybe some lighting and a screen. Although this entire set up is not going to be pocket change, it will be much cheaper than buying a huge flat screen for the room.

Get your media centre

how to build a media room, build a media room on a budget, cheap ways to build a media roomThe whole idea here is to play movies at home. Try to find a player that covers all formats, but you could simply go for a top of the line blu-ray player since that is where technology is at anyway. You could also simply use your laptop and hook it up to the project. It is all up to you. But we advise you to get something that is dedicated to the media room only.

What about the seats?

Here, you need to decide which aspect is more important to you: sitting capacity or comfort? If you have decided that you need a media room that can take in your entire family plus their neighbour’s dog, then you need to buy seats that can fit into that chosen room. These won’t be too spacious, but they should be comfortable enough to allow for enjoyable screening.

On the other hand, if you decide to go with comfortable, go right ahead and get yourself a set of lazy boys and place them right in front of the projector screen. This is where you and that other special one will be seating during screenings. Your family members and their neighbour’s dog can go to the movies.

Once you have assembled everything you need, and we acknowledge that this might take a while to accumulate, it is now time to put it all together. This is where your DIY skills come into play. You need to build some kind of mounting for the projector and maybe the speakers and you need to find a way to hand that projector screen in the right spot. After that, all you have to do is get a mini-fridge in there and enjoy cold beers while watching your favourite movies on the big-ish screen.

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