How To Add Crown Moulding To Add Value To Your Home


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There are a few things that add value to your home. Crown moulding is one of those things. Here is how to add crown moulding to add value to your home.

If you’re like me who loves the HGTV channel, then you may have come across crown moulding ideas for renovation projects.

The first thing you need to understand about crown moulding is that, unlike bathroom or kitchen upgrades, crown mouldings will not instantaneously add value to your home. Don’t get it wrong, it will add value to your home, just not as drastically as you may expect. These beautiful architectural features are excellent when it comes to:

  • Making your ceiling seem higher
  • Making the room seem finished in a better way
  • Adding an air of intrigue to the room

These are the three main reasons why most homeowners prefer crown mouldings. That and the fact that these aesthetic additions will increase the value of your home, at least to those who find this sort of thing essential.

But before go wild and decide to add crown mouldings, you should know what you need to do so as to ensure that they add value to your home. Here is how to add crown moulding to add value to your home.

Do not overdo it

This is a common mistake with most homeowners. They assume that aesthetic additions to their homes will drastically increase the value of the house. You need to realise that high-end finishes in a neighbourhood that fall within the mid-ranges will not increase the value enough for you to actually recoup what you have spent on the upgrades. Take a walk around the area, look at the houses listed for sale and see what type of crown mouldings is common here. That way, you can simply upgrade to the desired regional standards and avoid digging yourself into a financial hole the likes of which you may never get out.

Make sure the rest of the house matches the upgrade

If you go all out and have crown mouldings installed in a house that is otherwise run down, you will have essentially thrown good money after bad. For these installations to have the desired effect, the rest of the house has to be in-keeping with the style.

Make sure that the walls are freshly painted and well maintained, the flooring is not worn out, the wallpaper isn’t peeling and the light fixtures are not outdated. In short, make sure that everything else compliments the crown moulds.

Use a professional

how to use crown moulding, property renovation with crown moulding, add value to your home, add property valueAs challenging and interesting as DIY projects tend to be, installing crown moulds is one of those things that you should really consider involving a professional. For starters, they are not as expensive as most people assume and these professionals know the right kind of materials to use. Crown moulds, when installed incorrectly, will actually have the exact opposite effect and make your house look tacky as opposed to upgraded. Always use a professional who has a good grasp of geometry and woodwork.

Crown mouldings are definitely an aesthetic feature to consider when it comes to building and renovating a house for better returns on investment. Just remember to use a professional and not to overdo it.

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