DIY Project Gone Wrong Will Cost You Big Time!


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Being an independent woman, I try to do everything on my own. I don’t mind carrying bags of groceries. Heck, I can even change the tyres of my car if needed.

But, depsite my “do it on my own” nature, there is one thing I wouldn’t mind letting somebody else do for me, and that is to do a renovation project on my own home.

Why? Because it could cost you a ton of money if it’s not done right!

Trustmark, the government backed find a tradesman program, exposed in their latest survey that 9 out of 10 potential homebuyers would ask for a discount on the house they are looking at if they saw dodgy DIY property renovation work.

Even worse, almost a half would even consider pulling the plug off the deal if ever they lay their eyes on a house because of shoddy DIY work.

They went on further to say that botched DIY projects could slash 11 per cent off a property’s price tag, and this equates to a loss of £30,800 on the average English home, rising to £60,149 in London.

Simon Ayers, chief executive of TrustMark, said as a property renovation advice that home owners should be extra wary about doing electrical and wiring works on their own. Not only are they devaluing on a renovation property for sale, they are also big safety hazards on your home, he said.

Even professionals agree with Ayers.

property renovation courses, property renovation costs, renovation property for sale, property renovation, property renovation advice

Botched DIY renovations can significantly hurt your property’s value

Phil Kent, an electrician in Bristol, shared in an interview that one of the most horrific DIY disasters he fixed was of a homeowner who just used an on-site guide to electrical wiring from 2008 to rewire his whole house.

He added that wiring issues are at its worst in the kitchen, because this is where the old cables are jointed badly in connectors, and then plastered into the wall and covered up with new tiles.

In the end, he bills owners way, way more than his usual fee, since he ends up rewiring the entire kitchen.

Reading this news reminded me of that one renovation show I often watch on TV. In one episode, the renovator, plastered the walls of their home on her own. She previously said that she’ll be taking on jobs around the house, so they could save up a little on their property renovation costs.

Unfortunately, as you can see, they encountered some issues with the walls in the end, because they were renovating a really old house. So they ended up spending more than they expected.

Don’t get me wrong. DIY can work – if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, not everyone falls into that category. Sometimes, it’s still safer to call for the help of a professional (expecially in crucial tasks such as electrical rewiring).

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