Cheapest Bathroom Renovations That Have the Biggest Impact On Home Value


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Home renovations improve your quality of living as well as home value. Here are the cheapest bathroom renovations that have the biggest impact on both fronts.

I was listening to this Rick Otton podcast the other day about fix and flips. And much of what they talked about were cheap renovation projects that boosted their property’s value the most. For this article, I decided to follow a similar theme by showing low-cost bathroom renovation ideas that has the most impact in boosting your home’s value.

If you are going to renovate your bathroom, you want to make sure that what you do has both:

  • The desired impact – which could be increasing the quality of the utility as a whole or that it improves the value of the home in general.
  • Affordable – this is not something you want to be breaking the bank over.

But, of course, this is just our opinion. If you have the money to pay for a luxurious bathroom; the stuff only dreams are made of, then, by all means, go for it. But for the rest of us hardworking-money saving Do-it-Yourselfers, that just doesn’t cut it for us.

Yes, we want to have a luxurious bathroom, but we also want to get it at a bargain. With that in mind, here are the cheapest bathroom renovations that have the biggest impact.

Upgrade the lighting fixtures and accessories

Sometimes, the biggest and most impactful changes do not lie in installing the latest digital shower (although that wouldn’t be such a bad idea), but in the little things. Give the entire bathroom a new coat of paint; change out the lighting fixtures and use stylish yet affordable ones; look at the window treatments, are they any good? Maybe change those out too and give it new blinds and shades (maybe throw in some Roman Shades). These little, yet impactful changes will make your bathroom look brand new without costing you your left arm.

Rethink the storage options

Ask any minimalist and they will tell you that clutter is the one thing that’s killing this planet (of course, that is an overreaction to the fact, but you get the point). Without clutter, any bathroom can look neat and inviting. You just need to figure out ways to minimise as much clutter as you can. Why not get a vanity with numerous compartmentalised storage options? This will give you excellent storage facilities within the bathroom that are not only practical but also accessible for the day to day accessories and beautiful enough to add to the decor of the entire room.

Upgrade the look of the bath area

If you have a ceramic bathtub in your bathroom, you are already living in luxury. But you can make things even better by making a few tiny changes. You could switch out the tiles and floor – make them marble instead. You could also include a few extra amenities around the tub such as a chandelier, a few flower vases, upgrade the type of soap you use and keep clean towels nearby.

As you may have noticed, only the chandelier and marble will cost you some money. The rest are just things that you should have in your bathroom anyway. Yet, the placement makes a huge difference as far as presentation is concerned, and presentation is a big part of selling that whole luxurious feel.

These little yet affordable changes will make a world of difference in your bathroom. Not only will you enjoy the luxury they bring to your everyday bathing experience, but they will also impress any potential buyers during that all-important viewing stage.

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