Build The Closet Of Your Dreams In A Budget


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I think that part of every girl’s fantasy is to have that breath taking walk-in closet full of clothes and mirrors at every turn. But the sad reality is that not all of us live in mansions or castles that can accommodate that huge dream closet.

However, having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t create a nice and functional closet. The issue most people have is not space (or the perceived lack of it). The real issue is wasted space.

Yes! You read it right. The problem with most builder grade closets is that they never really utilise the space efficiently. Thankfully, there are DIY remedies for that to help you convert an ordinary closet to an awesome one!

1. Purge Your Closet!

Throwing out clothes is like waxing, it’s painful but necessary. Purging not only gives you more closet space, it also gives you an excuse to shop for new clothes (just kidding)!

There are many rules when cleaning out your closet, but, personally, I throw out every thing (even designer garments) that I haven’t worn in 6 months or more.

If you’re more systematic, making an inventory of all your tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and what not is the way to go. Cross out all the items that no longer fit properly and check off those that you use all the time.

After choosing what to keep and throw out, it’s time to categorise the items of your closet. Imagine this task as if it was a Tetris game. Put the same garments in one group, so that together they create larger building blocks.

2. Analyse Your Routine

A modern and functional closet space goes beyond more storage space. Do you need to get a good look at the mirror before you go out? Then put a mirror in the closet doors.

Adding a small detail like this would make your closet will maximise space you allotted for your closet.

3. Keep It Light And Airy

Expert renovators often give out as property renovation advice that good airflow in a closet helps keep moulds from forming and insects out of the area, while good lighting helps you find things a lot easier.

4. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

When you start storing the garments and trinkets, keep everything you use regularly in plain view. If you don’t see it. You, probably, won’t use it. And, as I mentioned earlier, when you don’t use it – you throw it out!

So if you want to keep all your belongings intact, better keep them in a place where you can grab it, when you need to use it.

property renovation checklist, property renovation advice, property renovation courses, property renovation costs

There are cost-effective ways to maximise closet space

New Closet Plans

  • Separate the closet into two parts: the top and body.
  • Build open compartments at the top your closet. You can use these to store seasonal items like thick sweaters, hats, handbags, and other articles.
  • Partition the body two parts, leaving a small space in the middle.
  • Install one metal bar at one side of the closet. Make sure that there are no other obstructions at the foot, since this space is dedicated for long clothes like gowns or dresses.
  • On the other side, put 2 bars at the top and the middle, so you can store shorter items like tops and jackets on this portion of the closet.
  • To maximise the space even further, you put small compartments and drawers in the middle for small items such as undergarments, jewelries, scarves etc.

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