Best Window Treatments To Increase Home Value


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There are very many different ways to increase the value of your home. Window treatments are just some of those ways. Here are the best window treatments to increase home value.

You would be forgiven for thinking that window treatments only bring an aesthetic quality to the table (no pun intended). In fact, window treatments, apart from adding to the aesthetic value of your home, are an extremely inexpensive way to increase your home energy efficiency as well as value. But, you have to have the right kind of window treatments. So, which window treatments add the most value to your home?


When properly installed, shades can bring an extremely effective edge to energy saving around the house. But, of course, as is the case with everything nice, there is a myriad of options from which you can choose. Roman shades, for example, give the home an aura of elegance and style. Not only does it create a lavish look, but it also helps raise the perceived value of the house. These shades, properly installed, can help control air filtration quite effectively.


The thing about shutters is that they offer you both weather protection as well as security. But that is not all they do. They can also improve your home energy efficiency by greatly decreasing heat loss during winter and hampering rapid heat gain during summer. If you are going to get shutters installed, you should consider going for real wood shutters.

They have the longest lifespan of all shutters and you can easily improve their look by throwing on a fresh coat of paint. To choose the best quality shutters, look at the type of joints they have, the thickness of the material used to make them, how they fit and just how well they compliment your home.


This is purely based on your personal taste. There are people who simply love drapes while most prefer a more modern type of treatment like the ones mentioned above. But if you are going to go the drapery route, be sure to get something that appeals to you.

As far as adding the value to your home, drapes are a long short. They are excellent for staging purposes, but they are not exactly bankable window treatments. For those, look above.

You may not think them a big deal, but window treatments go a long way in telling the story of your home. Some of the first things potential buyers ever look at are the windows. Most people are more aware of how energy efficient homes need to be now because of rising electricity costs. For that reason, they would rather buy a home that has energy efficient window treatments already installed rather than have to spend the extra cash, time and hassle trying to treat their windows once they move in.

The best way to go about this is, if you have an interior designer, ask then to suggest different types of affordable, yet highly marketable and practical window treatments. These are the types that tend to increase the value of a home.

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