7 Fun, Money Saving DIY Projects That Increase the Value of Your Home


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There are quite a number of fun DIY projects to improve the value of your property. Once you learn to have fun with them, you could quite easily and cheaply make your home the most desirable property on the market.

I like men who enjoy fixing things around the house. You know, the kind of men you will always find wearing a tool belt on the weekends? That kind of man drives me crazy. Not only because he is handy, but because all those little improvements made to my property increases its value. This is not to say that I do not occasionally enjoy a fun little do-it-yourself project, I would just rather have someone else do it. Yes, I know – Michelle is a princess. Let’s try not to focus on that; focus on the value addition.

If you are keen on slowly but surely adding the value to your property, there are some DIY projects that can guarantee you that. These are not even expensive projects, they are fun, often easy to undertake and best of all, they keep you busy on the weekends. Here is s short list of the best ones.

  1. Paint the kitchen cabinets – This gives them a vibrant new look and infuses a new lease of life into your kitchen.
  2. Upgrade the light fixtures – You will be surprised how much better the interior of your home will look with a different set of light fixtures. They don’t even have to be expensive, they just need to look expensive and go with the entire interior design.
  3. Do you have a den? Install a closet in there – By installing a closet in your den, you quite effectively transform it into yet another bedroom. Now instead of the advert saying that it is a 3 bed, one and a half bath, you can say it is a ‘four bed, one and half bath’. That instantly makes the house seem bigger and roomier.
  4. Upgrade your fence – If you are tired of the old picket fence, you can simply infuse a serious dose of privacy to your property by adding a corrugated steel fence. You might have to check with your local homeowners association to see that it is okay to do so. If so, then this will instantly make your home highly attractive to those homeowners not keen on having prying eyes on them.
  5. Simple paint can help improve your home's value!

    Simple paint can help improve your home’s value!

    Repaint the house – This is by far the cheapest way to increase your curb appeal. Your house will look newer and better kept with a fresh coat of paint.

  6. Get drought tolerant plants on your lawn – This is also another good, easy way to increase your curb appeal. By adding drought resistant plants to your lawn, you can be sure that it will remain greener for longer in spite of any water shortage issues.
  7. Jazz up your walls by installing a few floating bookshelves – This is a nice, easy way to infuse a great deal of life to dull wall space. Plus, it gives you somewhere to put a few things like maybe…books.

These are all little DIY secrets that save money as well as improve the value of your property tenfold. You can involve the whole family if they are not busy rushing off to the Mall on the weekends.

Oh, and if you’re in need of a little motivation, I like watching shows or listening to podcasts about refurbishment projects. Home Buildings Show can offer a lot of nice ideas in terms of the general look that you want for your home. For more practical ideas (if you’re on a tight budget), there’s also this fix and flip episode in We Buy Houses Radio from Rick Otton where the guests on the show specialised on quick, low-cost refurbishments that allowed them to buy and sell property with a very quick turnaround. Don’t be afraid to take ideas from the experts. Who knows, you may end up becoming one yourself and eventually make money off those refurb projects.

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