3 Simple and Cheap DIY Ideas That Instantly Improves Home Value


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Here are 3 low-cost DIY property renovation ideas that instantly boost the value of your home!

Property values tend to fluctuate based on few factors such as location, current market trends and ultimately, the kind of home you have for sale. It is no secret that people will typically offer you less for a dreary home than they would for a beautifully maintained piece of property that has the obvious signs of care.

Maybe you are planning to put your home on the market, or you are just trying to think of ways through in which you can increase the quality of living standards within your homestead. If you are handy, here are some fun DIY projects to improve the value of your property.

We all know of the little changes you can make to make your home seem a little up to date. These often include things like adding a fresh coat of paint, swapping those old light fixtures for newer, fancier ones, replacing those run down cabinets and making sure the roof doesn’t leak. Apart from these obvious ones, I have found that there are several other things you can do to give the impression that you have a bigger and better home that you actually do. These include:

1. Adding seating areas outside

You do not have to go out of your way to buy £1,000 Persian dining tables and seats for your backyard. All you have to do is add something practical and functional. Maybe a simple picnic table and a few chairs. Not only will this give you somewhere to sit on those hot summer days and nights, but it will create a general bonding area for you and the family as well as make your backyard seem more spacious than it actually is in reality.

2. Build some visible storage space

improve the value of your home, diy ideas to improve home value, diy property renovation, fixing and flipping property

Visible storage space is attractive to buyers.

Of course, buyers expect your home to have some kind of storage space, either in the attic or the basement and so on. What most homeowners do not realise is that buyers also like to see some visible storage space out in the open.

Nothing too space consuming or unsightly – maybe just a few floating shelves to show that they have options to store away clean towels and so on. These things are fairly easy and cheap to build. All you have to do is find the right spot, maybe in the bathroom or even in the hallway, to install a few well-designed floating shelves. These racks can be used for family portrait, book collections or anything else that isn’t too heavy nor basement-worthy.

3. Strategically place an assortment of mirrors

It is a natural weakness for almost every human being; we are vain. More often than not, even the most macho of men, tend to look at themselves in the mirror. The reasons for this can be varied, but the point is that mirrors are a welcome option in almost every situation. Find a few eccentrically designed ones and sprinkle them throughout the house; in the hallway, the dining room and even sitting room. For one thing, they tend to make the space look bigger and the other thing is that vanity angle we just talked about.

These are simple DIY projects that will not cost you that much time or money. If you are doing this just to raise the value of your home before a sale, then the best way to go about it is to ask your realtor what the market is looking for and make the changes/upgrades accordingly. The smallest of things could mean the difference between someone meeting your asking price and people low-balling you.

If you are looking for other low-cost ideas, I recommend tuning in property podcasts every now and again, since flipping is a very popular topic these days. Better still, many of these shows are readily accessible online, free of charge! One such example is this Rick Otton podcast about fixing and flipping. But there are others available as well.

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