• How To Install Wallpaper To Save On Renovation Costs

    When it comes to cutting down on renovation costs, using wallpaper instead of paint is one of the best routes to take. Here is how to install wallpaper to save on renovation costs.

    Property renovations are the in thing these days as a lot of experts are focusing on refurbs, whether you like watching the Property Brothers or select Fix-And-Flip episodes of Rick Otton’s We Buy Houses Radio. So going with the trend, we’ll tackle a common subject of DIY refurbs: wallpaper installation.

    One of the best things about using wallpaper is that you are spoilt for choice. From the different type of designs and colours to the fabrics and materials available, when using wallpaper, your imagination is the limit. Another huge advantage is that this is a rather cost effective option, compared to painting.

    But before you go around celebrating and buying your boys beers with all the money you will save, it is prudent to get a good grasp on what installing wallpaper entails. As inexpensive and effective as it is, it is not for everybody. Some of us prefer things the old-fashioned way – paint. But if you are open-minded and willing to learn new things, then here are good tips on how to install wallpaper to save on renovation costs.

    Choosing the right wall paper

    You should know that there are different types of wallpapers available. If you are looking to cover places that see a lot of moisture like your bathroom or kitchen, then the best type to use would vinyl. On the other hand, if you are looking to cover drier places such as your hallways or bedrooms, then maybe you want to go for fabrics or non-woven wallpaper. Do you see how quickly this can get complicated?

    The best thing is that your local building materials shop owner will know exactly what type of wall paper to use where. All you will have to do will be to tell them which walls you are looking to cover and they will point you in the right direction. From there on, the designs and colours will all depend on your taste and style.

    Use the right kind of adhesive

    Using the right kind of adhesive means that you do not have to do this all over again in three days. One mistake that most people make is to combine the wrong adhesive with the wrong type of wallpaper. This mistake should be easy enough to avoid as most wallpaper labels have directions indicating which kind of adhesive is best suited for them.

    Be sure to round up the measurements

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    Always measure carefully, to make sure your wallpaper segments fit nicely when applying them.

    The rule of thumb when using wallpaper is to round up the measurements. In fact, professionals advice that you should always buy two or three extra rolls of the same wall paper just in case. Things happen and you are going to make mistakes when installing the wallpaper. This happens to everyone, even professionals.

    It is prudent to have extra paper to deal with when the inevitable mistakes occur. Besides, local stores have a habit of discontinuing certain styles randomly. You do not want to have to start over just because you did not buy enough of your chosen style while it was still in stock.

    Installing your wallpaper will need a considerable amount of skill. Things have to be completely level otherwise, you will have a bloated looking wall. Take the time to learn how to install wall paper and study all the ‘good wall paper installation practices’ to avoid unnecessary mistakes and save money.

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  • Cheap Hacks to Make Your Kitchen Look Brand New

    Did you know that the most expensive looking kitchens do not exactly have to be actually expensive? Here are cheap hacks to make your kitchen look brand new and expensive.

    You see them on TV, either in the home and garden shows that make us all envious or in movies. The kitchens are just spectacular. Then you begin to wonder how much that would cost? You look it up online and see that the house is worth something close to your entire bloodline and all its memories. Then you get crest-fallen. There is no way you could ever afford that, at least not with your meagre fortunes.

    What you do not know is that you can easily have a kitchen that look just as classy like the ones depicted in TV. As flipping experts have proven, like the ones interviewed in this Rick Otton Podcast: http://webuyhousesradio.com/139-top-tips-from-fix-and-flip-expert/

    All you have to do is make use of some cheap hacks to make your kitchen look brand new and expensive. Here is a list of the best affordable kitchen hacks today.

    Paint the kitchen a lighter colour

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    Lighter colours work wonders in your renovation.

    Our perception of colours affects a great number of things, including just how big a room looks as well as how expensive it seems. By using lighter colours, you will essentially make your kitchen seem bigger, brighter, and more expensive. Be sure to incorporate neutral colours in the backsplash. This is the first step to having a beautiful kitchen.

    Make your light part of the decor

    Those expensive looking kitchens look that way because they are riddled with some of the best decor you can find. Although many of the things you see on TV are custom made and therefore, quite expensive, you do not have to go down that lane. You can simply walk into your local home and hardware store to see what they have in terms of lighting. Choosing the most decorative and unique lighting fixtures you can afford will make a huge difference in how you kitchen looks. Affordable chandeliers and pendant lights will make for excellent, expensive looking additions to the fixtures within your kitchen.
    Incorporate a breakfast bar

    This is one of those things that make a kitchen look more stylish and expensive that it really is in actuality. The best part is that this is not an expensive addition at all. If you are handy with tools, you can actually build your own custom-made breakfast bar. Placing it strategically in the kitchen will make the entire space look superb.

    Incorporate glass-fronted cabinets

    This is simply a play on illusions. Glass-fronted cabinets open up the space within the cabinets themselves by allowing people to see through to the back. This makes the kitchen appear slightly larger than it actually is in reality. Plus, the reflection of light (either natural or from all the chandeliers you added) in the glass-fronted cabinets will add some lighting and glare to the proceedings. Thus making everything simmer and glow. Making it all look more glamorous and expensive.

    Another excellent and highly affordable hack that most people often overlook is – keep it clean. By simply making sure that your kitchen is always clean and well organised will make it seem bigger, perpetually new and extremely inviting. These are the simple and affordable ways to make your kitchen look new and expensive every single day.

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  • DIY Door Replacement to Spruce Up Your House

    DIY entryway project, diy kerb appeal projects, door replacement, add value to your home

    Your entryway is one of the most essential things that any potential buyer looks at when they come to view your house. But it is not just all about selling the home, it is also about creating a beautiful space for you and the family to live in while you still own your house.

    Most kerb appeal projects are simple DIY ideas that, if done properly can make the home look even more expensive. With that in mind, here are some DIY door replacements to spruce up your house ideas that you might like to try out.

    Replace the old door with a new one

    If you have decided to go all in, one of the best things you can do is to simply replace the old door with a newer and better one. Frankly, though, this is the more expensive option. But if you are up for it, you could buy a new door that will inject a fresh lease of life to your entry way. Because most doors are quite mundane, it would be advisable to go for something majestic and a little out of the ordinary. This way, your entryway will be a major talking point for anyone who sees it. You could also go the ‘steel entry door’ way and improve your home’s security while you are at it.

    Change the locks to fancier ones

    If you don’t feel like shelling out all that money for a new door, you can simply make some modest changes to the one you already have and make it seem livelier. One of the easiest ways to do this is to invest in some fancy locks. You can buy an old-fashioned mail slot as well, plus some flashy kick plates. These are things that will make your otherwise old and dreary doorway look brilliant and ‘happening’.

    Paint the old door with bright, welcoming colours

    DIY entryway project, diy kerb appeal projects, door replacement, add value to your home

    Bright colours don’t have to be the outrageous tones of yellow or orange. Lighter tones can also work well in making your home look more welcoming.

    Instead of doing all that we have mentioned here, you can simply choose the easiest way out and repaint the door. Be sure to use bright and welcoming colour. It would be better if the colour of the door could be in sharp contrast with the rest of the entryway. It makes it stand out and breathes some life into the whole presentation.

    Other wonderful options include making small additions to the entryway such as building a beautiful arch over the door and adding a few eye-catching and evergreen plants. You can make them potted plants or you could use some of those beautiful, Greek-like garden stands. This will make your entryway seem like that of a palace, even if your house does not compare to one.

    Always keep the entryway clean. Replace or repair any broken or chipped bits of the door and make sure that it is as secure as it can be. This is the very first impression people get of your home. Make it count.

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  • Tips For Revamping Your Old Furniture

    Here are top tips you can do to upgrade your old furniture and beautify your home on a budget.

    Revamping your furniture can be quite the ordeal. I mean, there are hundreds of thousands of options for styles to look at, what goes with what, and pricing, pricing, pricing!

    People who know me, know I have no qualms spending money if I’m spending it on a great deal. Wasting money on things that won’t last long, or things that are overly priced, are two of my biggest pet peeves and I want to save you from buying a disaster! So here are my tips for revamping your furniture, and how to do it on a budget!

    Okay, so first things first, you’re looking at your house (or apartment) and yearning for some new furniture. The first thing to think of is: what rooms are you going to revamp? The living room; the dining room; Or the bedroom maybe? This will help you lay out a budget for purchasing furniture. For example, if you are only doing one room, you can afford to spend a bit more on the furniture for it. But if you are revamping multiple rooms, it will spread your budget and you will have to approach buying more, for less!

    So with so many stores, where do we start looking? Well, I usually refer to places such a Pinterest or freshome.com, to find inspiration for colour schemes and types of furniture. We can’t all be interior decorators, and they come with additional costs as well. So do it yourself! This is the first key to saving money.

    There are thousands of articles and ideas online to help you get moving in the right direction. Here is a great article I found that has helped me when I went through my own revamping process: http://freshome.com/2012/09/13/10-secrets-from-top-interior-designers/.

    So when you have the idea and the inspiration of what you want to purchase, where do you start looking? Always, always, ALWAYS look online first! Many big companies provide free shipping from their warehouses and costs less than purchasing in store. This does vary but almost always you are guaranteed to find the cheapest price online! You can always browse around in the store itself, but always revert back to online pricing. Also do your research, find tips, and revert to the experts. A great podcast I listen to when I go for a run, or am on a walk is the “We Buy Houses Radio” by Rick Otton. In fact one of their latest episodes shares refurbishment tips for revamping your home and gave me a lot of ideas for this particular write up!

    Other ways to save money while revamping your house is looking at places you wouldn’t think to look at! Thrift stores, second hand stores, Garage/Estate sales, all can feature amazing furniture that fits your home for less than half the original cost! It’s a great way to save money. As they say, another person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

    Lastly, the greatest way to revamp your furniture is to use your old furniture and make it new yourself! This will save you from buying new material. Buzzfeed has a fantastic outline of creative ways to revamp your old furniture! Check it out here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/pippa/ways-to-revamp-old-furniture?utm_term=.rqjy7W5Q6#.ax08kYwrP

    The key to begin revamping is to have a plan, lay out a budget, and dive head first keeping your options open! With these three tools in hand, you’ll have no problem revamping your place and feeling more comfortable in your home!

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  • 4 Cheap Ways To Renovate Your Entryway And Make Your House Look New

    Every so often we get the urge to spruce up that old house. Here are excellent cheap ways to renovate your entryway to make your house look new.

    Maybe you are thinking of selling, or maybe you just want to make sure that your home will be well represented once summer rolls around. Either way renovating your entryway and making it look ever so fresh is an excellent way to pull one over on everyone; make them think that your home is well-kept, maintained and, in many cases, more expensive than it really is by market value.

    It is also a good way to give yourself a comfortable and impressive place to live. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a home that has an entryway with which a Queen would be proud of to be associated?

    Give it colours that stand out

    Unless you are completely into Darth Vader, there is a good chance that you want your house to be a cheerful place into which most people, not just you and your family, would feel comfortable walking. One of the best and cheapest ways to do this is to revamp the entry way with bright and cheerful colours.

    Just make sure that they do not clash with everything else. Look at the general colour scheme of your home and decide on which colours you want to combine. If the entryway is generally white, then you can paint the door a colour like red, spring green or sunny yellow. That sharp contrast will both mesmerise and cheer your visitors up. At the very least, it will give them something to talk about.

    Give it a bit of personality

    Most of us want our homes to be a reflection of who we are on the inside. One way to bring that out is to ensure that your entryway has a bit of that personality. Feel free to splurge here but do not make it too eclectic so that it looks confused and downright untidy. Think it through a little. You can use stylistic lamps, coloured tiles on the steps, buy a specially designed wooden door or have beautiful potted plants that lead up to the entrance. Whatever your style and taste, this is the where you can bring it all out.

    Make stylistic additions to the architecture

    There are quite a number of things that you can do to your entryway to enhance its aesthetic value architecturally. You could look into installing decorative brackets, columns, trims and various mouldings just to accentuate the style and to give it a bit of a unique look. Again, the trick here is moderation. Do not overdo it.

    Give it more windows

    Windows have a way of giving homes the illusion of size. If you want to open up your entryway and make it seem much bigger that it really is, then the best way to do so is to add full-length windows on each side of the door. This will let in more light, give people the illusion of size as well as make your entryway look architecturally unique.

    Do not be afraid to show your style here at all. This is your home and the entryway is one of the best places to set the tone as to what visitors can expect inside. Besides, having a wonderfully unique and well-decorated entryway will come in great handy when the time comes for you to sell and show it to potential buyers.

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  • How To Use AirBNB To Boost Your Income

    Thousands of hosts are using AirBNB to make thousands of pounds in rental income each year. If you have the property and the desire to make money, here is how you can use AirBNB to boost your income.

    It is difficult to imagine that just a few years ago AirBNB didn’t even exist. But since its founding in 2008, the platform that lets you rent your home to virtually everyone around the world has propelled its owners Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk onto billionaire status in just under a decade.

    With over one million listings in about 190 countries, it is not only the founders who are getting rich through AirBNB. regular homeowners just like you are also making a killing each year by listing their homes on the platform.

    How it works

    Using AirBNB is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is list your home on the platform and tell people that it is available for rent. You can list entire apartments or even just a single spare room in your family house. Through the millions and millions of renters who visit the platform each month, you stand a chance of making good money through the rent that they bring in should they choose to use your listing as a place to stay when they are in your part of town.

    But just like in every other market niche, there is competition. On AirBNB, if you want your listing noticed and to attract the highest number of renters possible, there are a few things that you need to do. These include:

    Taking great pictures of the property

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    Professional looking pictures can attract potential renters.

    This might seem like obvious advice but you will be surprised at how many people take this task lightly. The competition on the platform is so fierce that you have to do all you can to stand out. To take great photos, there are few things that you should consider doing:

    • Make sure the interior of the house is immaculate
    • Place a wine and cheese plate somewhere in the outdoor space
    • Fold the towels in the bathroom creatively
    • Place a photo of the best local attraction

    Do not make the mistake of using too many pictures. Just take about 10 wonderful shots of the property and surrounding areas. This will show them the character and appeal to the entire region. It will pique their interest and curiosity.

    Strive to be a superhost

    To attain superhost, status you have to maintain an incredibly high standard of hosting. This means that you need to have a response rate of about 90%, you try your best never to cancel on your renters, at least 80% of your renter rate you as a five-star host and you have hosted at least 10 trips.

    To get to this level, you simply must go above and beyond to make your guests happy. It will take work and constant improvement but once you get there, you will see a surge in your bookings and rental income.

    Make your listing affordable

    Most people would rather stay at a hotel than alternative accommodation because they can be sure that they will have a wonderful experience staying at a hotel. There are two main reasons why people choose to stay at an AirBNB property: it is cheaper than a hotel and it gives them the opportunity to stay somewhere unique that has personalised service. If you price your property at the same rate as your local hotels, you are essentially eliminating about 50% of your potential clients. Why would they risk coming to your home and having a bad experience for the same price as staying at a hotel where there are sure to have an excellent experience? Reduce your prices and you will be renting your place almost always.

    Ultimately, to make the most out of your AirBNB and boost your rental income, use your listing to sell experience. People are tired of running the same old gauntlet. They travel, stay at an impersonal hotel and then go back home. Many choose AirBNB properties because it gives them an opportunity to experience something different; something unique. Sell them that experience. Tell them how they can walk to the local farmers market and make themselves a lovely home cooked gourmet meal in your fully equipped kitchen. Tell them how they can take evening walks and meet the locals are the local town fair. Tell them why they would love staying at your place.

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  • 3 Ways To Make Your Old House Look New

    An old house can have its charms, but it doesn’t have to look dilapidated. Here are 3 ways to make your old house look new again without spending a fortune.

    In many cases when dealing with a home that has been around for generations, you may be tempted to start replacing everything just to get it looking and feeling like new again. What you need to know is that you really do not have to this, at least not replace everything. That will not only cost you an arm and a leg, but it will also completely change the face of that beautiful antique house (in most cases, not for the better).

    Experts say that in a home, only the kitchen and bathroom ever really needs replacing. Everything else can be fixed as time goes. With proper maintenance, you only need to spend a little money and time on repairs. Here are 3 wonderfully easy ways to make your home look new again.

    Fix those drafty windows

    Old houses used to have grand windows that really let in the light. In many ways, these windows were a huge part of the house’s character. If you have such big windows, it is inevitable that they will slowly begin to rattle, become difficult to operate and start letting in icy drafts. Even though you might be tempted to replace them with newer, easier to operate options, doing so will completely mess up the house’s character. Plus it will cost you upwards of £2,000.

    Instead, you can hire a window restoration expert in the form of your local carpenter. For about £100 each, your local carpenter will replace the rusty hardware, remove built-up paint, weatherstrip gaps, and wax the rails. This makes those beautiful windows easy to operate again and those icy cold drafts from seeping in at a fraction of the cost.

    Fix cracked plaster walls and squeaky wood floors

    Just because your walls are full of fissures and chips does not mean that you have to replace that rustic-looking handmade plaster with prefab wallboards. Doing so will cost you about £500 a room and it will completely destroy the original wood trim. Instead, you can find a local contractor who specialises in old houses and commission them to restore the old plaster. They can reattach it using special washers and use a plaster like skim coat to finish it off thus saving you money, making the walls look new again and preserving that antique look.
    The same goes for squeaky wood floors. Hire a good woodworker who will sink micro-head screws through the floorboards and into the framing below. This will stop the boards from rubbing together and creating that deafening creaky sound.

    Paint it over

    There are very few things quite as refreshing for an old house like a fresh coat of paint. This might take days to complete and cost you a pretty penny, but it will be worth it. Once all is done, the house will look and even smell new. Plus, a fresh coat of paint will usually hide those little cracks on the wall that do not affect the structural integrity of the house but simply make it look worn down.

    Before you think about replacing everything, talk to an expert first and see what can be repaired. In many cases, you will find that you can save a tonne of money this way, preserve that antique look and keep your house looking as good as new while you are at it.

    If you’re looking to renovate a property you wish to sell, low-cost property renovations becomes even more important to maximise your profits. But these types of renovations are slightly different because your focus should be more on increasing property value, and not so much your personal taste.

    Because of the rising popularity of Reno shows like Property Brothers, famed investors like Rick Otton already has podcast episodes dedicated to fixing and flipping for profit. And these little tidbits are actually good references for low-cost projects.

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  • Cheap Tips For DIY Kitchen Renovation

    Here are cheap DIY renovation tips to add new life to your kitchen – AND possibly increase your home’s value!

    The kitchen is where the cooking and food preparation takes place. In some houses, it can also be a place where people have their meals and quick snacks.

    For a homemaker who usually cooks and prepare meals for the family, a nice and well-equipped cooking place will be very ideal. With time, your kitchen facilities gets worn out, hence the need for some remodelling. Aesthetic and functionality features are what people like to have in their kitchen.

    Cabinets, drawers, wall and ceiling can be repainted and kitchen door handles can be replaced. With some simple tips, you can remodel your kitchen to give it that aesthetically pleasing look. Here are some cheap tips for DIY kitchen renovation

    Current Assessment

    The current state of your cooking area must be examined. Determine the problem areas that need the necessary improvements. Note all these things down. You will get a clearer picture of what needs to be done. You can also choose which equipment or tools will stay or be removed and replaced.


    A considerable budget is needed for this remodelling project. From the budget, you can tell whether you will be working with a simple or extensive redecoration.

    If you have a smaller budget, then you can settle with some simple repainting and replacement of defective or unattractive fixtures like kitchen door handles. If you have a bigger budget then you can even consider getting an interior designer or contractor to do the necessary carpentry, plumbing and painting jobs.

    Colour Choices

    Warm and welcoming should be your target ambience. To brighten up the place and make it more inviting, warm colours like yellow, red and green can be suitable.
    Try not to choose very solid and strong colours that can make the area look too elaborate and distracting. You can check out some sample photos online that you can imitate for your own area for cooking.


    There are various stores and suppliers that can provide you with low-cost restoration supplies like kitchen door handles, sinks, taps and tap wares, light switches and power points and other hardware supplies. For a set of supplies that you will need for your remodelling, you can try to get a good deal with a reputable supplier. It helps to list down all the things you need to buy.

    Cheap cabinets

    For cheap remodelling of your kitchen, stainless kitchen cabinets should be the one for you. They do well in lofts or anything that involves metal and sleek interiors. However, if it annoys you that there would be a tiny sound of the metal cabinet doors whenever you open and close it, then you just have to choose a metallic cabinet with wood lining on each other.

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  • How To Upcycle Furniture In Your Home

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    With just a little imagination, you can turn any old furniture into a masterpiece to be adored by many. Here is how to upcycle furniture in your home in a simple yet affordable manner.

    There is an excellent chance that you have some pieces of furniture in your home you just aren’t ready or willing to let go of yet. No matter how far past the due date they are, some wardrobes, chairs or dining tables just make up part of who we are and putting them out to pasture, as it were, is both painful and unacceptable.

    With these kinds of furniture pieces, there are several options when it comes to dealing with them. You could either turn a blind eye and pretend that they are still as new as the day they were manufactured, or you could get creative and decide to do something about improving their current state. If you have decided to go with the latter option, as many of us would, then here are some excellent ideas how to upcycle furniture in your home.

    Repurpose what you can

    If you have an old wardrobe that simply cannot serve its original purpose anymore, how about repurposing it for something else? You could remove its doors, slap on a few shelves and turn it into an ‘antique’ bookshelf. This, of course, will call for a little makeover. Maybe a touch of paint and making sure that it holds choice items such as precious first edition hardcovers or maybe even your fine China?

    Turn your old teacups into candles

    Maybe more than an acceptable number of the pieces that make up a set have been broken or lost. That, however, is not enough to convince you to let go of those cute little tea cups you inherited from your Grandma. In this case, instead of serving tea in badly broken sets, why not transform the remaining cups into candles? All you have to do is melt several candles into each tea cup, stick a wick in there and you have a unique candle that will still remind you of Granny.

    Turn that old door into an exotic coffee table

    how to upcycle furniture, upcycle old furniture, repurpose old furniture

    Even an old, unused door can be of use…such as a converted coffee table!

    Maybe you have knocked down a wall and turned two rooms into one. Boarding up one of the entrances just won’t do and neither will letting both doors stand. The next best thing is to unhinge the extra door and turn it into a coffee table. Done right, with the right kind of wood workmanship and paint, you could have an excellent coffee table that will always be a conversation starter in your living room.

    The trick with upcycling is to go wild and crazy with your creativity. Think about it this way, you were going to throw that piece of furniture out anyway, why not make it into something beautiful that you can appreciate. Yes, granted, some ideas will only be appreciated by you since you know what you were going for, but who is to say that you may not find your calling in repurposing old and worn out furniture?

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  • DIY Planter Boxes To Improve The Value Of Any Home

    There are very many inexpensive ways to add great value to your home garden and curb appeal. Here are some benefits of using DIY planter boxes to improve the value of any home.

    I am a big fan of making little yet noticeable changes to my home garden. The problem with our society today is that we have been programmed to think that unless you are spending thousands of dollars on home improvement, then you are not really making an impact. That notion couldn’t be further from the truth as evidenced by this fix-and-flip podcast from Rick Otton’s We Buy Houses Radio programme. You can use the smallest things that cost very little money to make tremendous improvements and upgrade your curb appeal. Take planter boxes for example.

    Cheap curb appeal

    Planter boxes just so happen to be some of the cheapest things to buy or simplest to make (depending on the design you choose). Yet, if positioned properly, they can make your home garden seem like a little slice of paradise. If you have never thought about it before, here are some good reasons why you should strongly consider using DIY planter boxes to improve the value of any home.

    They can be used to make a statement

    We all yearn to be unique and unmatched. If you are creative enough you can go for the kind of planter designs that make a statement. Not only will they mesmerise your visitor, but they will also great visual satisfaction to you and the family as well. Think of using stately containers or large urns to bring great ambiance, structure and amazing presence to your front porch. You can even plant medium sized trees or topiaries to at grand entryways to create an awesome visual effect.

    Use them to bring versatility all year long

    The good thing about using planter boxes is that you do not need to have as much space as you would should you have wanted a garden or some such grand plantation. With planter boxes, even your tiny window seal can be transformed into a beautiful orchard that brings great versatility all year long. Also, with planter boxes, you can actually plant any type of flower you want, regardless of the season. All you have to do is move them around appropriately.

    They can be for everyone

    You may think that because you do not have space nor the skill to make your own planter boxes then they aren’t for you. The truth is, a planter box can be anything you envision it to be. You do not have to go the traditional way of placing them on open surfaces. You can even have vertical planter boxes that adorn any porch that has sturdy vertical space. You can simply buy planter boxes that can be affixed to walls. The good thing is that, not only will these be as unique as it comes but it will also double as wall art.

    As for those who think that they just don’t have the craftsmanship to build their own planter boxes, you should know that you can transform anything into a planter box. From bottles, household containers, pails, and even metal tubs. All it takes is a little creativity and you have a planter box. In fact, repurposing household containers are some of the best ways to ensure that your boxes are unique.

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